Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Five: Ritual de lo Habitual

Several years ago, I had to have a hysterectomy.  Lots of issues ... doesn't matter.  At the time I joked that I was having a clearance sale ... everything must go.  And it did ... everything went.  Everything but one little ovary. 

The doctor said that even both ovaries were full of cysts and causing issues, he wanted to leave one in.  Apparently when they remove everything, you are immediately thrown into menopause ... and he thought I was too young to go through hot flashes and bone loss.  Yay me?

Fast forward.  Although I have no outward signs ... there is one little dysfunctional ovary in there ... spitting out hormones ... fucking things up for everybody.  I lose track of these things ... but there are moments that remind me.   This morning my face started breaking out ... and last night I found myself tearing up at an episode of Big Bang Theory ... both obvious but annoying signs that the little bastard is still in there doing his job.

The Friday 5 

1.  What’s a bad habit you’d like to get rid of? - This is a long answer ... but eating between meals.  I'm in a vicious cycle right now and I've got to break the routine.  Because of my enlarged kidneys, I can't eat a lot at one time anymore.  Which you would think would make me skinny, right?  Hah!  No.  I can't eat a lot at any one time ... but then I'm hungry again an hour later.  So I snack.  Then it comes time for lunch and I'm not that hungry because I've been snacking all morning.  If I would learn to plan and prepare things ahead, this wouldn't be catastrophic.  I would just know to have healthy snacks ready for every 90 minutes or so ... an apple here or grapes there.  But no ... it's a bag of chips or a handful of cookies.  It's laziness ... and one of my New Year's Resolutions is to change this.

2.  What’s a good habit that’s taken you really long to establish? - I am 100% anal about paying all my bills on time ... in fact, paying them as early as possible.  When I was young, I was terribly irresponsible.  It isn't that I didn't want to pay my bills ... it's just that booze isn't free and ATM charges do add up.  But ever since I took back over control of my money, I've made it a point of almost obsessively balancing my account.  Quicken helps ... not drinking helps more.

3.  What’s a good habit that doesn’t take much effort but others seem to envy? - Speaking of not drinking.  I rarely go out ... but when I do, people seem to think I'm making a conscious effort not to imbibe.  Oh, let me assure you ... if it weren't for the two defective kidneys I'm hauling around?  My account would be balanced less often and I wouldn't have paid the garbage three months ahead.

4.  What kind of unusual rituals do you go through in daily life? - I have to put things in the same place so I don't forget or lose them.  My work badge goes in my bag ... my keys hang on my purse ... my iPhone goes in my bra.  A place for everything ... and everything in it's place.  Except shoes ... shoes go in a big shoe pile in the dining room.  Don't ask.

5.  What’s the weirdest ritual you’ve heard of in others? - Meh ... what one person thinks is strange, another thinks is normal.  My best friend refused to read or watch Harry Potter ... but she loved Marilyn Manson and Danzig.  So whatever ritual you do that makes your life easier or happier?  Good on you ...

If it makes you happy
It can't be that bad
If it makes you happy
Then why the hell are you so sad

Sheryl Crow - If It Makes You Happy

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