Saturday, February 08, 2014

A Good Weekend, Indeed ...

For ... oh, I don't know ... six months or so, Stoney has been telling me I should watch Sherlock.  I'm not sure on the timeline, but I know it's been awhile.  I tried once.  I watched the first episode and was blown away ... only to watch the second one and think ... "Ummmmm ... maybe later."

But last week, he watched the finale of season three and told me I really needed to try Sherlock again.  He promised if I pushed through that second episode, the payoff would be worth it.  Holy crap ... he was not lying.

I'm not going to ruin it for anyone out there who hasn't seen it ... but seriously ... try Sherlock.  Watch the first episode and love it ... watch the second episode and tolerate it (it's the worst episode of the entire three seasons ... just ... grit your teeth and push) ... and then get some popcorn and get comfortable for the third.  Because it is ... just ... that ... good.

Every episode after that is amazing.  Stoney isn't fond of "The Hounds of the Baskerville" ... and I understand why.  It isn't as good as the one before or the one that follows.  But here's the dirty little secret that no one wants to tell you ...

Sherlock Holmes ... is Doctor Who. 

If you've watched Doctor Who ... especially the David Tennant years ... you will see Moffat's hand in it all.  The pattern of the writing.  The quips ... the "ah ha" moments ... the unexpected acts of kindness.  Sherlock is the 10th Doctor ... without the gadgets and the time travel and the aliens.  Sherlock is what Doctor Who wants to be.  It's so brilliant ... and so well made. 

And "The Baskerville" episode?  It's a classic "monster of the week" Who episode.  Not as good as Blink ... but close to The Empty Child.

Seriously ... do you have Netflix?  Or Hulu?  Then stop reading this ... and go watch.  Each season is only three episodes long ... each episode is 90 minutes.  I watched all three seasons in a matter of days ... then again, I have a habit of binge-watching.

Anyhow ... you ... go watch Sherlock.  What's next for me?  Well, I'm certainly not Googling mature  fanfic with Sherlock and Irene Adler ... ahem ...

Oh, what a night
Late December, back in '63
What a very special time for me
As I remember, what a night

The Four Seasons - Oh What a Night
PS  - Thank you, Stoney ... for giving up your Saturday and re-watching all of Season 3 with me!  Sorry I stayed so late ... I lost track of time!  Hugs and kisses!

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