Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A Small Phobia ...

NOTE:  I tried to do a Google
Image Search on the word
"Spider" ... so I could
put a picture here.  However,
I just saw a picture of something
called a camel spider ...
and I am now SO disturbed that
not only will there not be a picture?
I will not be sleeping tonight.

I was sitting at my desk today ... when I noticed something crawling across my locker out of the corner of my eye.  At first I thought it was a cockroach ... but then, as it came closer I saw the truth.   It was a spider.

I'd love to exaggerate and tell you it was enormous ... but it was probably only as wide as the tip of your little finger.  But that's what was so bad.  It wasn't big  ... but it was hairy ... and it was fast.

I quickly shoved my chair away from my desk ... sounding an awful lot like Tina Belcher moaning ... "Mmmmmmm ... Mmmmmm ... Mmmmmmm ..."

My teammate, the hipster kid, looked up and said, "Hey, is it that spider I saw earlier???"  He hopped up, walked to my area ... and pounded it with his palm.  It started to crawl away?  And he smooshed it again ... with his bare hand.

I was so grossed out ... and embarrassed.  Last year, I joked with one of my friends that we are the cool kids ... but I was not remotely cool today.   In fact, pick a word that is the complete opposite of cool?  That was me ...

The entire episode gave me a headache ... which I carried on through the evening fixing Mom's computer.  She wanted to go to dinner afterwards to thank me ... and I appreciate it so much ... but it's been a long, long day.

I hate spiders ... so much ...

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