Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rest In Peace

Today we lost another dear friend.

He was a brave man ... a great father and a great husband.  I wish I would've gotten a chance to know him better.  By the time I started dating Stoney, his friend had already been diagnosed with ALS and had gone on medical leave. 

I've spent time with him and his family at two Drive By Truckers concerts ... and they couldn't have been more friendly and welcoming.   At the ALS walk this weekend, there were around 300 people who came to walk for him.  That's the kind of love he brought out in people.

It's been a hard year. 

Give your loved ones a big hug.  We never know how long we have with them.

If you woke up on the
wrong side of the bed, count on me.
If you're feeling that freight train
running through your head, count on me.
If you just need a friend to talk to,
or maybe not talk at all.

Drive By Truckers - Mercy Buckets

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