Thursday, July 10, 2014

Passing The Test ...

This is the night ... the night of my sleep study.

About six weeks ago, I went to my nephrologist and complained about fatigue.  I asked her about Vitamin B shots ... something to give me a boost.  Before she would talk about treatments, she wanted to find a cause.  I left feeling frustrated.  My function is down to 23% ... isn't that enough of a cause?  Gimme the damned shots already ...

But ... after I got home, I had a conversation with Stoney.  I do snore ... sometimes worse than others ... but I do get snorky.  And over the last six weeks, we've talked about it off and on.  I'm paying attention to my sleep habits more ... when I wake up with a sore throat ... when I wake up with my mouth dry.   I'm heavy ... so losing weight would help ... but if snoring is causing issues with fatigue, there's no harm in fixing it while I work on other areas.

So ... we'll see.   I'm taking my super special pillow ... and my yoga pants ... and an ice cold bottle of water.  I'm so nervous ... I've had stomach cramps all day.  I just want to sleep ... and get this over with.

Here we are out of cigarettes
Holding hands and yawning
Look how late it gets
Two sleepy people by dawn's early light
And too much in love to say goodnight

Dean Martin - Two Sleepy People

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