Tuesday, July 08, 2014

My Surprise Phone Call ...

Years ago, I worked with a girl that we'll call Blondie.  When I first met her, I disliked her ... a lot.  She was loud ... and slutty ... and everything about her was drama.  But after a couple years, we got to talking and I realized she was really, really sweet.  At least when she wasn't doing body shots and dancing on the bar ... 

A few people who were bad influences on her moved away ... and we ended up being the best of friends.  We told each other our secrets ... well, most of them.  I was the maid of honor at her wedding ... and I genuinely cried when she moved to the east coast.  We tried to stay in touch ... but it's hard.  She works umpteen hours a day ... and I was going through a hard time with my divorce ... so we just kind of grew apart.

We've wrote back and forth on Facebook for the last couple years ... and today she surprised me by saying, "I'm stuck in traffic ... why don't you call me?"  So we talked for nearly an hour.  I have missed her so much.

She wanted to know everything about Stoney ... good lord ... 75% of the call was me answering questions about him.  Come to find out, she has everything planned out in her head ... I had to tell her to slow her roll.  She's way ahead of us ... but God love her, she's enthusiastic!

I miss you, Blondie ... and I love you dearly!  But no.  Under no circumstances will there be a  princess/princess Disney thing.  Nope.  Not happening.

Hans: I mean it's crazy
Anna: What?
Hans: We finish each other's
Anna: Sandwiches
Hans: That's what I was gonna say!

Frozen - Love Is An Open Door

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