Sunday, September 07, 2014

I Can't Even ...

I love books.  I have an audible account that has thirty four books that I've listened to in the last few months.   There are several that I'm proud to have read ... the majority are pretty mainstream and common ... and there are a few that make me pray no one ever gets into my account.

Last week I finished Brave New World and Flowers for Algernon ... both books I read way back in school and thought it would be fun to hear again.  Then I started Orange is the New Black ... the book that the Netflix series is based on.  It's alright ... a bit of a drudge, but I assume that's because it's not nearly as gripping as the television show.

I started reading Gone Girl several months ago but got distracted.  I'm thinking about picking that up on Audible next week and making that my new work companion.  I don't know.  I'm just so tired.  It's hard to get enjoyment out of a new book ... or out of just about anything when all I can think about is that big, new bed of ours and my heavenly new blanket.

We'll see what happens this week ... my second sleep study is Thursday.  I hope something comes of it ... because I'm too tired to write much these days.

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