Monday, October 20, 2014

Shake It Off ...

Does anyone want to buy my house?  Two stories.  Three bedrooms.  One full and one half bath.  It's two stories with central air and heating.  It also has a detached garage ... although the garage is currently inhabited by a race of advanced spiders who are in the process of planing world domination.  No, I don't have any solid proof about the world domination plans ... but they're overtaking my property one out-building at a time.  I'm sure there's a big picture involved somehow.

I need to call a realtor and get the ball rolling.  But first I need to call someone to empty out the basement and garage.  Quite frankly, the list of things I need to do is so overwhelming that I basically shut down every time I try to think of it.

Along with calling a realtor, I need to ...

Call my doctor and remind them they must fax that medical report to Memorial Home Healthcare as soon as possible.  I need to call a handyman to do the finish work on my front door.  I need to call a plumber about my kitchen sink.  I need to go to Comcast and return one or both of my DVRs and downgrade my service.  And, as of this morning, I need to take my car into the shop and find out why it randomly didn't want to start this morning.  It's working fine now ... but it's better to have it looked over now than to go out some morning and find it dead again.

My workload is so insanely heavy that there were over 100 unfinished orders when I left the office today.  In almost a year, I have never left work with that kind of unfinished business.  So adding that on top of tomorrow's work?  I won't have time to breathe ... let alone take a potty break.

I need to text the girls back ... Miniature Moose has texted me twice about Walking Dead and I haven't had a chance to write her.   College One is planning the Thanksgiving/Birthdaypalooza and I still haven't had a chance to talk to her yet.   And I wrote Baby Z's mom today to schedule dinner this week ... and had to tell her I'd write her later when work became too busy to even have a conversation.

I got home late tonight, as usual ... I balanced my account and ate a small dinner ... and now I'm going to take a hot shower and try to relax even if it's only for an hour or so before I fall asleep.   Say a prayer for me.  Tomorrow is going to be tough.  No joking ... I'm going to be busier than a mosquito at a nudist colony.

'Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

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  1. Hi there, I came across your post and am here to offer my assistance with your move. Were you looking to transfer your Comcast services to a new location? I can help you get set up when you're ready so that you don't have to call in. Email me at when you're ready.

    Thanks for posting,
    Comcast Cassie