Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yeah, I'm Tired ... But I'm Happy ...

So I'm back at my house.  Going through drawers and filling garbage bags with things I know I won't need.  Old phone books for instance.  Or a year's worth of Entertainment Weekly.  Things that can just be pitched.

Stoney helped me so much this week.  He stepped in and contacted our friend to set up dinner with her and her husband.   He helped remind me of several things I need to get done ... and sometimes a little prompting makes all the difference in the world.  I called the doctor's office and got the missing doctor's reported faxed over to Memorial.  I called again today and got an appointment scheduled on the 31st with Memorial.  All good things!

The one thing I forgot to do today ... I forgot to call Toyota to see if I could get in this Saturday to have my car looked over and have the oil changed.  I'll call first thing in the morning to get that done.  If I can get it in?  Breakfast at IHOP!  Winning!

I've called two contractors to get someone to put the finishing on my front door.  One guy can't get back to me until next week.  One hasn't returned my call yet.  So ... fingers crossed.

All in all ... it's good.  Work is still crazy ... I left the office with a full queue ... and nine or ten orders sitting on my desk to be processed first thing in the morning.  But I have to take it a day at a time.  No sense in getting worked up about something I can't change.

For tonight, I'm going to take a hot shower and look forward to tomorrow night ... when I'll spend a wonderful evening with the man I love ... a couple we both love hanging out with ... and their adorable little girl.  I feel happy.  I feel loved.  I feel blessed.

Oh sweet darlin'
You get the best of my love
Oh sweet darlin'
You get the best of my love

The Eagles - The Best of My Love

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