Monday, November 10, 2014

Calling All Children of the 80's ...

Okay ... so .... I'm calling out to all my faithful readers ... all twelve or so of you ... to help me with a conundrum.

I have a memory.  It may be false.  I have problems with the logic of this memory ... but there are a lot of details surrounding it that seem real.  So I'm asking if anyone else can throw in some facts and verify whether or not this existed.

I have a distinct memory of there being a product at the grocery store.  It was sliced cheese.  I think it was flavored (pizza maybe?) ... and the point of this cheese was that you were supposed to put a slice of it on a piece of bread (toast?), put it in the oven, and it would melt into this "pizza bread" of sorts.

I remember it tasting delicious.  I remember it was one of the few things that my mom allowed me to make for myself.  I remember that my mom stopped buying it because I was a heavy little kid with impulse control issues and I was eating a half dozen of these things at one sitting.

Now ... here are the issues.  I asked Stoney and he has no memory of this type of product.  I Googled and came up with nothing.  I asked Mom and she has no idea what I'm talking about.

Bigger issues?  How would I have made this?  Toast the bread first?  Okay but then how would you melt the cheese?  Microwave?  That would make sliced bread rubbery.   If I put it in the oven, did I broil it?   For me to remember this being something unique because mom would let me cook it, then I had to be young.  She didn't let me just play with the oven for fun.   We didn't own a toaster oven.  So how was the bread not a soggy mess under this slice of cheese?

Did I hallucinate this???

So I'm wondering ... any of you 80's babies out there ... does anyone else remember this?  Sliced, flavored cheese ... meant to go on top of bread and be melted.

Anyone have any ideas?  Anybody?

Fortune, fame
Mirror vain
Gone insane
But the memory remains

Metallica - The Memory Remains


  1. I'm 45 and have no recollection of this product. Then again, I did sniff a lot of markers and rubber cement as a kid��

  2. Stephalopolis6:54 PM

    Does the name Hot Cuts ring any bells? Registered to a Saramar LLC? They're thicker than sandwich meat, with the sauce marbled throughout. There was one with sausage chunks, one with pepperoni, and there were other flavors. Possibly had a piece of paper in between them as a separator? Another person cooked them open face in the oven, but I'm wondering if you couldn't also cook one like you would a grilled cheese sandwich? I've been searching the internet trying to find a picture, but no such luck. I guess with the lack of smartphones in that era, nobody wanted to waste film on a slice of cheese :P

    On another tangent- up in WI, they have pepperoni flavored cheese as cheese blocks. It tastes ammmaaaazing. Easily my favorite cheese they sell, though they have all sorts of flavors. I made a grilled cheese with it. :)

  3. Holy moly ... I don't know! That sounds right ... the paper separators? That sounds right. I didn't think about it but you're right ... nobody would've wanted to waste one of the precious 24 pictures on a roll of film on a piece of cheese. Although, if I could go back in time? I would take an entire scrapbook of nothing but 80's food products! :)

  4. PS - Pepperoni flavored cheese sounds AHHHMAZING. Do you have any I could try? Me wants some!