Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Presents and Presence ...

This weekend was the perfect blend of fun and relaxation ... combined with a healthy dose of sweat and hard work.  Sometimes work isn't so bad when you've just given yourself a day off.

Saturday, Stoney and I drove out to College One's house and we had our (very) belated family Christmas.  Miniature Moose couldn't join us ... she asked for the day off work but there were too many in line before her.  But thanks to the magic of Apple FaceTime, we were still together.

Idiot's Anonymous is walking!  She's using a cane and is getting around wonderfully.  I didn't get to talk with her as much as I'd like ... as soon as this damned house is done, life will get back to normal and we go can go to dinners and movies again.  I miss my normal life.

Anyhow ... back to the good times.  We spent the day snacking and opening presents ... just talking and laughing.  I played with Sophie and tried to rub as much glitter on their cat as possible.  It was a good day ... and I'm proud of all of us considering we've already scheduled the 2015 Christmas celebration ... so there's no chance of us being six weeks late this Christmas!

Sunday, it was back to work.  And I really have to thank Stoney for this ... because I was really dragging my feet.  I wanted to work on my house about as much as I wanted an ass beating.  I moped around the house ... making excuses, "I'll leave right after I eat something" ... "I'll leave right after this show" ... "I'll leave in another 15 minutes."  He finally got me going by promising to make us a dinner of grilled, BBQ chicken wings ... my all time favorite.  So ... begrudging ... I went.

And here's where I can't lie.  I went to my house and sat at the kitchen table ... primarily because that's literally the only place left to sit in the house ... and I played with my phone.  I sat there a good 20 minutes or so ... feeling sorry for myself.  When finally, my mood broke.  I started working.

Two or three hours later, I had everything moved downstairs.  The suitcase and three bags of clothing ... in the car.  The two old CPUs to be recycled ... in the car.  The two boxes of boxes and keepsakes I wanted are in the dining room.  The small bookcase is in the dining room as well.   I vacuumed the upstairs carpets and swept the twin's room.   The only things left is two or three tubs of photos that I need to sort and bring downstairs ... and with that, the upstairs will be completely done.

I came home to delicious, perfect, crispy, bbq chicken wings ... and, much more importantly, an abundance of hugs and love.  In the end, there's still a lot for me to do ... and a lot I'm going to have to pay someone else to do.  But it's progress.

Thank you Stoney for being patient with me when I'm dragging my feet and being unmotivated ... thank you College One and Mr. College One for hosting last weekend's activities ... and thank you girls for a very merry Christmas. 

I promise this house nonsense will be done soon ... and then I'm taking us all to lunch.

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