Thursday, March 26, 2015

Every Day Another Step ...

Today is a momentous day.

(No, honey ... I still haven't called Direct TV ... but soon.  Soon ...)

No ... today I left our house for the first time since my surgery.  I drove over to my house and picked up the mail, drove to my mom's house to get her mail, and went to County Market to pick up a few things.  Nothing extraordinary or Earth shaking.  But it was something.

This week I tried to do little things to keep moving forward.  One day I put on makeup.  One day I got dressed.  Yesterday, I picked up around the house and made dinner.   Okay, fine ... I "heated up" dinner.  First Wife actually made two dinners for us ... but I put the chicken and macaroni and cheese in the oven ... and I made some biscuits ... so I get partial credit, right?

Unfortunately, the cold that started tormenting Stoney last week has now taken up residence in my head.  I'm congested and snoggily and coughing ... my stomach is aching and I am bone tired.

So bottom line ... right now, I can't tell if the pain I'm feeling is because I pushed myself too hard and did too much today?  Or if it's just part of the healing process?  Or maybe it's just the head cold that's making me so achy and tired?

Probably a little of all three ...

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