Monday, September 26, 2016

My Blessings Stretch Far and Wide ...

So I'm off work today ... healing from yet another procedure.  This makes three ... in case anyone is keeping track.

This time is weird.  In some ways it hurts so much less than last time.  Last time they cut just above my left wrist and inside my left elbow.  Which meant that no matter how you moved your left arm or how you tried to use it, you were putting pressure on an incision.  That was bad.

This time, everything was done on the inside of my left arm.  Which hurts.  A lot.  But still, I think I'm in a much better place than last time.  Also, this time, I allowed myself more time off work to recover.  They did this last Friday and I won't return to work until Wednesday ... so five days.  Last time, they did it on a Tuesday and I tried to go back on Thursday.  That was a monumentally stupid decision.

This time, my arm looks so much worse.  It honestly looks like some sort of horror show.  I don't have a lot going for me in the looks department?  But I can't tell you what an enormous hit pulling off that bandage did for my self-esteem.  I usually swear sweaters or wraps anyway ... because my arms have always been chunky.  Now ... ugh.   I was never planning on wearing a sleeveless wedding dress ... but I'm going to have to look into burkas.  Do they make them in white?  Maybe a nice egg-shell?  Ecru?

One more thing before I lay down and take yet another nap ... everyone has been so loving and sweet and caring.  Stoney has had endless patience with me ... between making me fresh lemonade several times each day ... to helping me with my bandages ... oh and let's not forget coming to my rescue when I accidentally rubbed deodorant into my incision ... he's been my hero and my love every single day. 

I have beautiful flowers that make me smile with a card that reads "from your girls" ... and I can't thank them enough for talking with me and just being there.  My mom has been at the hospital ... taken me for lunches and made calls to the family when I've been too weak and tired to do it.  Everybody has made me feel loved.

And so even though I feel like I've got a thousand reasons to be depressed beyond reason ... I've got a million reasons to feel warm and loved.

And that's more than enough to get me by ...

Ev'ryone can see we're together
As we walk on by
And we fly just like birds of a feather
I won't tell no lie
All of the people around us they say
Can they be that close
Just let me state for the record
We're giving love in a family dose

Sister Sledge - We Are Family


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    You might get more comments if you ever responded to them.

  2. I'm sorry ... what didn't I respond to? I don't think I got a comment on this post? But I'm always open to comments. I don't think I have a lot of readers at this point but those that do read ... hello! :)

  3. Hey, sweets! (See, I *do* respond to comments!) Nice pics, by the way ... looked like a really fun wedding!! :)