Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The nut doesn't fall far ...

In Loving Memory of My Grandmother

Well, my grandmother passed away this weekend. While it was sad news for all of us, we knew she wasn't in pain anymore and that was a blessing. She was almost ninety-one ... and lived a full, wonderful life.

Which makes one ponder ... why do people feel the need to act like a complete ass at times like these? There was my mother, her two sisters, and one brother ... and wouldn't you know, there's always one nut in the bunch.

There was the aunt who wanted to start "going through her things" when her mother hadn't even been dead for two hours ... the cousin who believes that, no matter what the subject, she knows more than everyone else in the room ... the uncle who would agree to nearly anything anyone asked as long as they a) shut the hell up and b) left him the hell alone (I think I take after him a bit ...) ... and all the other various extended family members who flock to these things like ants to a picnic.

I have to say that the entire weekend was an exhausting exercise in family dynamics ... but in the end, the day of the funeral everyone behaved. I cannot stress enough that this ... was ... a ... miracle. Nothing else makes you believe that there is a God more than watching people who haven't spoke in 30 years actually put their differences aside for one day.

I'm so proud of them ... because really, I wouldn't have been surprised if there'd been a Jerry Springer moment ... with one Aunt throwing herself into the casket and her daughter jumping in right behind her ... or my Uncle getting drunk and telling more than a few people to go fuck themselves ... I mean, really ... it could've gotten worse than bad. But instead ... they all pulled themselves together long enough to say goodbye to someone that everyone loved.

So ... maybe I should have a little more faith in humanity ... because if my aunt and uncle can bury the hatchet ... there may be hope for us all.

And When Your Back's Against The Wall
Just Turn Around And You Will See
I Will Catch Your Fall
Have A Little Faith In Me

Joe Cocker - Have a Little Faith in Me

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