Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Screw the Super Bowl ... Bandit ROCKS!

I'll admit it. I am not a sports fan. Honestly ... watching sports on television is painful. Baseball ... so ... slow. Basketball ... back ... and forth ... boring. Football? The worst!

But no matter how mind-numbing football is, I usually watch the Super Bowl. You know how it works ... everyone discusses the commercials the next day ... and, hey, I like to be in the loop. But this year ... I found something wonderful ...

And I give you ... Puppy Bowl 2005!

OMIGOD! This is the best invention since Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper! The concept? A miniature football field ... filled with ... puppies! It was so cute! Three hours of puppies playing ... romping ...

But the best moment ... was ... the ball cam! There's a camera inside a football attached to the guts of a remote controlled car ... and it drives around and gets close up of the puppies. Of course, they were a little leary at first ... but after a few moments, the puppies were jumping on it ... and basically trying to chew the thing apart! LOL It was incredible!

My favorite, Bandit, won MVP ... because he ROCKED. He's a pure white Jack Russell Terrier and he kicked ass!

So ... screw you, Super Bowl! You've lost whatever grasp you've had on me! I tuned in to most of the commercials ... and they sucked! So ... from this year forward ... I declare this the millenium of the Puppy Bowl!