Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Here, have a cigar!

would like to proudly announce
the newest addition to her home ...
a brand new, bouncing baby TIVO!

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love Tivo!  (my ex-husband) gave me a Series 1 years ago as a Christmas present, although I was the only one in the house that wanted it. Well, it only took a few days for everyone to become hooked on that smart, little box.

Well, last August a severe thunderstorm blew through ... and my beloved Tivo's modem was fried by a power surge. After a little research, we learned that it would cost more to fix it than it would to buy a new one ... and, quite frankly, we didn't have the money to do either.

So, we gave up on Tivo ... and even tried using a generic DVR from our cable company for the past six months or so. Everyone in the house agreed that if you'd never had Tivo, Insight's hardware would've seemed amazing. But since we knew the wonders of that smiling little TV man, Insight's product was a sad, sorry excuse for a DVR.

Well, in Sunday's paper Target ran an ad that featured ... you guessed it ... Tivo! Normally a Series 2 box runs about $199 with a mail-in rebate of $100. This week, Target is offering it for $149.99 with the same mail-in rebate. That means you'll only be paying $50 for a brand new 40-hour Tivo!

We brought our new little electronic box of happiness home last night. And he's already recorded a couple of suggestions! I love him so! The picture above is of a main Tivo screen. I think our software is little more recent because we can manage our season passes and such. But you still get the idea.

So here's the sales pitch ... people, go check out Tivo! It is a life changing experience ... you'll never dread the ring of your phone again. Like sports? Rewind live television ... and do your own instant replay! Do you like Survivor? Set up a season pass and never miss an episode ... even if the network changes nights or times!

And hey, if you decide to get one, feel free to add my e-mail address as your reference when you go through the activation. If someone names me as their referral, I can get a free stuffed Tivo toy! So if you get a minute, go to Tivo ... check it out. You'll never believe how much you'll love it!

oh yeah! I want to bask in your golden light
Submerge in electric waves
I need my connection to the world outside

Bad Religion - Television