Thursday, July 07, 2005

Karma Is a Cruel Mistress

Have you ever had a kidney stone? If not, get down on your hands and knees right now and pray to the good Lord that you never do. If you have experienced the mind-numbing pain of these little hell spawns, then you know why I'm home right now instead of driving my happy ass to the office to start on the segment photo project.

I'm not sure what I've done ... or who I did it to ... but the Catholic in me thinks I must've done something wrong to warrant this type of retribution. But, at least I've got Darvoset and that helps ... a lot.

So, until I'm on the other side of this thing, I'm heading back up to bed to sleep it off. Have a great weekend, everybody ... stay cool ... and, trust me, drink a lot of water!

Let him soothe your soul, just take his hand
Some people call him an evil man
Let him introduce himself real good
He's the only one they call "Feelgood"

Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood


  1. Idiot's Anonymous1:38 PM

    Hey.. sorry about the kidney stones. At least it's not aliens... Have you been attacked in the face before?
    Well.. I hope you feel better.. If you feel good enough to walk and sit down, you can watch "Maxwell Edison" till you explode. That's always good...

  2. Aliens? No, I can't say that I've ever been attacked by anything like that ... although with these drugs, I wouldn't be surprised if I SAW aliens! haha :)

    I've spent the day in bed ... watching She Devil. Remember She Devil? It's that Rosanne Barr movie? If nothing else proves to everyone that I'm sick ... it should be the fact that I watched that movie because I hurt too bad to walk across the room and get the remote off the TV stand. LOL

  3. Jenna2:48 AM

    She Devil is a great sick-in-bed movie. Roseanne is so evil in that one. (Well, she's evil most of the time.)

    Hope you feel better. And I hope you've since been able to get the remote within your reach. :)

  4. Ugh! Here's wishing you a speedy recovery. I've thankfully never dealt with kidney stones. My mother has on a couple occasions, and her description of it has been enough to get me to drink lots of water every day. (She doesn't respond to most strong painkillers, even morphine, so all she could do was "grin" and bear it.)

    This isn't Catholic pennance or instant karma, it's Steven Speilberg getting revenge for you shitting all over War of the Worlds! (I hate to think what I'm in for now.) Or maybe the Scientologists have put a hex on you in defense of Tom Cruise. See what you get for voicing an honest opinion? It doesn't pay, I tell ya!

    Anyway, hope you feel better soon and that your remote is closer at hand. (Sounds like a good time for Tivo.) Say hello to the aliens from the Davrocet galaxy for me (and tell 'em their buddies can't stage an invasion worth a damn). If they're still into painful humiliating anal probes I have an ex-girlfriend whose address I could pass on.

  5. Hmmm ... I never considered a Scientology theory. Was my flare-up retribution for my rant against "War of the Worlds?" You know, anything is possible.

    Yomper, I'm sorry to tell you, but your ex-girlfriends will have to get in line. If there's any painful, humiliating anal probing to do, I've got a list of ex-boyfriends an armlength long and they're definitely getting it first! LOL

    I used to have a website years ago ... and one of the most popular sections was called "Dates from Hell." I had people write in and tell me about their worst experiences in dating.

    Unfortunately, nine times out of ten, the losers I dated were far worse than anything anyone submitted. I don't know if that meant I just had really bad taste in men at the time ... or if meant that people were just too ashamed to write in with the absolute worst date they'd ever had.

    Either way though ... if there's any alien probing going on, I've got quite a few referrals for the little green dudes.