Friday, November 18, 2005

And They're Off ...

Quick update: Are you one of those nutballs ... er ... I mean thrifty shoppers ... who like to go out at 5 a.m. on the day after Thanksgiving and stand in line for hours in the hopes that you can snatch up an X-Box 360 for $12.95? That's okay ... you aren't alone. Millions of people, if not myself, are right there with ya.

For those of you who look at shopping as a competitive sport, I offer you ... a website that's offering all the Black Friday fliers ... now. Yes, you heard me right. You can start planning what insane deals you're going to grab right now. is an example of a handful of websites where you can find scans of ads for places like Best Buy, Circuit City, and yes big box mart itself ... Walmart.

Word is that some stores like Sears really have their panties in a pinch over this because their fliers were snuck out of print shops ... and other stores like Walmart are purposely and secretly "distributing" these fliers early through their employees. Either way ... it's good for you, right?

Gottadeal is a similar website ... but really all you have to do is type "black friday sales" into Google and you'll be on your way to an early shopping frenzy like you've never imagined.

Hey, I wish you the best ... you've got no competition from me. My happy ass will still be in bed.


  1. AWESOME! Thanks for the "head's up"!! I'm so darn excited I can't hardly contain myself. Normally I don't "do" the day after Thanksgiving sales but this year I might have to make an exception.

  2. I'm happy to help, Cara! Go wild ... and share it with your friends. I, myself, don't usually do the whole Black Friday thing.

    I think I'm ... what's the word ... empathic? Maybe that's not the right term. The thing is, people's moods rub off on me easily. So, standing in line with a group of angry, irritable shoppers on a cold, blustery pre-dawn morning is just a recipe for disaster.

    I'll admit that I did stop by a store last year on Black Friday before coming to work. They had leather coats at a really good price ... and it was right down from the office. Not a horrifying experience by any means ... but I think it goes back to that empathic thing.

    My husband and I were standing outside with a group of about 20 people waiting for the store to open ... and EVERYONE was in a great mood. We were all laughing and excited bout Christmas ... so naturally I was laughing and excited about Christmas.

    However, the normal day-to-day shopping that happens in the four weeks beteween Thanksgiving and Christmas ... it's fucking painful. I can't stand rude people and it's like EVERYONE is rude when they're Christmas shopping.

    I think Walmart needs to consider pumping gingerbread-scented ether into their stores ... not enough to KNOCK anyone out ... just enough to make 'em happy and high.