Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Fiver Goes She-Bop

1. Favorite brand of jeans - Whatever's on sale at Walmart at the moment I walk through the door. I'm sure that Faded Glory is this generation's equivalent of the "plain pocket" shame of the 80's ... but I didn't wear Gloria Vanderbilt back then and I'm not wearing A&F now. Damnit, I've gotta draw the line somewhere, right?

2. Magazine you read regularly - Blender ... although it skews a little young for me ... i.e., Eddie and the Cruisers only climbs to 92 on the list of The 100 Greatest Rock & Roll Movies of All Time. 92? I loved that movie.

3. If a button came off your clothing, could you sew it back on? - Hell yeah! I could sew the button on ... then whip up a way cool black cape to wear on top of it. Er ... sorry ... still a little emotionally hungover with Halloween enthusiasm. Nevermind.

4. Have you ever had a curfew? - Um ... unless you're Paris Hilton or the Osborne kids ... who hasn't? I'm assuming everyone's the same ... the curfew starts out early then slowly but surely nudges back until you wind up in your early 20's watching the sun come up in the parking lot of a diner debating whether you should show up at work in the same cloths you wore yesterday. Um ... or maybe that was just me?

5. Most dangerous thing you've done - Here's what I've learned after thirty six years of experience on the third rock from the sun ... never answer a question like this. All you're doing is giving ideas to idiots and assholes, who are guaranteed to think what you did way back then sounds like a whole lot of fun right now. This is the kind of thing that breeds lawsuits, people.

'Cause and effect, chain of events
All of the chaos makes perfect sense
When you're spinning round, things come undone
Welcome to Earth 3rd rock from the Sun

Joe Diffie - Third Rock From the Sun

1 comment:

  1. 1. I really don't have a favorite "brand" of jeans. Whatever I can get to fit me correctly is what I buy.

    2. Shamefully I read "In Touch" but I make it better by reading "People". LOL I also read "Allure" and "Real Simple".

    3. I could sew it back on but probably not very well. LOL

    4. In highschool my curfew was midnight; however, my senior year I was allowed to stay out until 1 a.m. I always got around my curfew by spending the night with my best friend who didn't have a curfew! LOL

    5. Again, in highschool I remember driving home drunk one time and the next morning didn't even remember driving home. I guess next to that was driving in cars with people who were intoxicated. Haven't done that since I was in HS!