Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fine Young Cannibals ...

Technology is an amazing thing, people. Anyone who's visited ThirtyWhat before knows that I'm crazy about our TiVo. Every couple weeks, I sit down and go through the guide and set a recording for anything that looks remotely interesting. Then, each day when we get home from work, there's a varied selection of entertainment on tap on ready to go.

Watching television this way has it's advantages. It means I never miss an episode of Lost, Office, or Earl ... and since I have a season pass for "King of the Hill" and "Family Guy," there are always three or four "fluff" shows on queue whenever I've had a bad day at work. The big disadvantage to this system is that I miss almost anything that isn't on the schedule.

Well, now that Nick at Access 4 has given us a way to see their daily line-up, I've got a wealth of local talent to explore. Last night, I set a manual recording for Just Two Guys ... and sure enough, when I woke up this morning I finally got to watch it as I drank my morning Mt. Dew.

First off, I'm not an expert at public access programming ... but damn ... these guys have a great production staff. Their animated intro is better than anything I've seen on Access 4. Plus, the plasma screen behind them runs a professional graphic of their logo which is a nice change from the plastic foliage that seems to be the norm.

John and Micah have great chemistry together and really play well off each other. This is the first episode I've caught, but apparently they open each show with a Q&A. OMIGOD ... there was so much material that was genuinely clever. For instance, the graphics under their name, which read: "Micah - Would Eat People With White Cheese Sauce" and "John - Wears Women's Clothing."

Micah's caption was instantly funny for me because I can relate. I've told friends on numerous occasions that I think I could eat almost anything as long as someone poured Olive Garden's Alfredo sauce over the top.

On the other hand, John's caption was amusing at first ... but was hilarious once they got into the meat of the Q&A ... and yes, that was a cannibal reference.

Micah, "Okay, John. You're on the Titanic and you're alone with no family or friends. The Titanic hits the iceberg and you just happen to find a trunk of women's cloths that appear to fit you. Do you put those cloths on and head for the lifeboats or do you act like the men of the time and go down with the ship?"

John, "I think that what I would probably do is put the cloths on and just go down with the ship. I'd just die a happy man and get the best of both worlds."

Micah, "Do a little dance too?"

John, "Yeah, I would do a jig on the way down ... as I'm dangling with a bonnet."

Now, that is good television. Letterman hasn't done an interview that entertaining in the past fifteen years.

Their guest was Josh Halford, local animator of Nutsy and Klutsy. Okay ... here's the thing. I've seen so many flash cartoons online, that I generally pass on that sort of thing. I mean, after Hard Drinkin Lincoln, you might as well call it a day. Man, could I have been more wrong?

Think of Nutsy and Klutsy as a minimalist Ren and Stimpy. As soon as they played the clip where Fred Flintstone explains to Nutsy why he's in prison (it involves Barney, Wilma, Betty ... and Dino), I was hooked. Josh is an amazingly talented guy who does everything from writing to animation to voice work.

Here's the bottom line ... Nutsy and Klutsy is years ahead of Squidbillies. Somebody at Adult Swim needs to contact Josh ASAP ... cause Venture Bros. is a dog ... and as much as I love Aqua Team, I can't take much more. Listen up, Mike Lazzo. I'm telling you ... I've seen the future of Adult Swim. It's a blue squirrel, a fat, naked fairy with a unibrow and a five o'clock shadow, and the Sodomizer 3000.

Anyway ... great job, Micah and John. My goal is to catch up on the episodes I missed while we wait for new shows in August. Since you're thinking of going to the fair ... a few thoughts: Corn dog taste tests? Annual tasting of new weird fair food? A race down the giant slide?

Whatever you do, I'm sure it'll be entertaining. And the TiVo is ready to go ...

Hello, welcome to the Party
Hi, I've Never Met You Before
I know
Just two guys and we're having a good time
Having a good time
Having a good time
Just two guys and we're having a good time
Having a good time

Just Two Guys Theme


  1. I didn't have a television when I was living on campus this past year - (nonetheless, it was worth it...) - Community Access 4 is actually done from my campus. This show must be at least somewhat new (then again, I've fallen behind in keeping track of things like this, so maybe it isn't). When was John and Micah's show begun? What is the theme of it?

    Thanks to them for blogrolling my weblog on theirs!

  2. Um ... John and Micah, you want to field this one? I'm not sure how long they've been working on this.

    I caught episode three ... the one with Josh Halford; however, I missed the horseshoe tasting show. I'm still kicking myself ...

    But that's okay ... we'll get caught back up in August.

  3. I'll take this one. Actually, aakash, UIS is no longer hosting Access 4. Their partnership was ended about a year ago for reasons I do not know. We tape now at an Insight studio on the west end of town.

    The Just Two Guys timeline goes something like this. In April, Micah pitched the idea of an Access 4 show. In May, we decided starting a blog would be a great idea and a great way to get people interested in the show. In June (the 22nd) we taped our first show. On the 29th we taped our second and third shows.

    So, when you get right down to it, we've not been in the game all that long. Fortunately, however, we have 5+ shows to tape from mid-August to September, and then 4 more shows we can tape in September. It's going to be fall season of Just Two Guys you won't want to miss.

  4. It's "Must See TV"!