Friday, July 07, 2006

Out Of The Frying Pan ...

Well, it's taken six years ... but I've finally caved in. I signed up for the live feeds for this season's Big Brother All Stars!!! It's everything I'd hoped it would be ... and more. The addiction is complete.

Things I've learned since watching the feeds:

a) Nobody likes Chicken George ... they can't relate to him and seem to look down on him for being on the first season and for wearing a chicken suit. They aren't kind about it in the least.

b) Janelle thinks she's beautiful ... and is pretty snarky about it. She called Maggie from Season 6 her "butt ugly" and a "cow." I didn't think Maggie was physically unattractive ... her personality left a bit to be desired but I thought she was a far cry from "butt ugly."

c) Marcelles is boring as all hell ... which only proves my point that CBS picked the wrong queen. I'm telling you ... Bunky is a great guy and he would've made great tv.

d) Kaysar is flying so far under the radar that he's inches from terra firma. Common, Kaysar ... we're keeping our fingers crossed that you earn this second chance.

There are a lot of cool Big Brother spots to visit: BB 7 All Stars On Blogspot has a cool embedded chat applet ... Big Brother Updates and Joker's Updates both offer feed transcripts ... and Hamster Time has my favorite forums.

So, I must go ... and watch the 24/7 glory that are the BB7 Live Feeds. If you want to sign up for two free weeks, just click here!

Don't talk about anything else
We don't wanna know!
We're dedicated
To our favorite shows!
We sit glued to the T.V. set all night
And every night!
Why go into the outside world at all?
It's a fright!
We've got nothing better to do
Than watch T.V. and have a couple of brews

Black Flag - TV Party


  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Don't you mean... THIRD chance??

    college one who's debating still on live feeds

  2. Fair enough ... THIRD chance.

    I don't know what to tell you bout the feed thing ... I mean, I think I'll get WAY more than $15 worth of entertainment from watching them live.

    The downside? CBS isn't editing it ... and people you thought you liked? Are actually asshats ... and not the people you'd want to cheer for at all.

    It's like that episode of The Office where they list all of Jim's pranks ... and suddenly he looks like a bully? Well ... Janie yelling, "Bye bye BIIIIITCHES" was my favorite moment from last season ... that and Howie berating "Busto."

    But honestly ... ... ... she's not a very nice person. I'll just say she thinks a lot of herself. Howie? I'm pretty sure he's mentally unstable.

    Also, to be totally honest, it completely takes away from the fun of looking forward to the actual show. The only thing you don't get on the feeds is the diary room conversations ... oh ... and watching the competitions ... hmmm ...

    Nevermind ... the feeds are worth it.