Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Some Pig ...

I learned an important lesson today. Some people cannot ... I repeat cannot ... spend a lot of time in the sun. I am one of those people. I took a few pictures to share ... before becoming so overheated I had to come home and lie down.

When I was growing up back in the 70's, I remember my aunt using a make-shift, tin-foil blanket to tan out in the backyard. She had long, dark hair and after a few hours out there marinating in coconut oil, she looked just like Cher. She was ... heck she still is ... a beautiful woman.

So how in the world, did I score the losing hand in this genetic crap shoot? My aunt grew up using tanning oil ... while I used SPF 451. She got beautiful skin and long dark hair ... while my life's motto could be, "They're after me lucky charms ..."

In any case ... a cool shower and an ice pack later, I'm blogging and ready to share today's Fair finds. They aren't that good ... but be kind. I was already a nice shade of fuschia by the time I started shooting.

If you're a card-carrying carnivore, be sure to run by the Pork Pavilion ... where you can get a "Pork Chop On A Stick" ... which is really a misnomer. The stick is a bone ... but that fact didn't stop throngs of people from ponying up their dough. It's supposed to be amazingly good ... but I can't verify that since I didn't try one. It's just hard to imagine eating that much meat when you're already dehydrated and dizzy.

Speaking of the Pork Pavilion, Governor Rod was there ... I assume because today was Ag Day. I say "assume" because I have no idea what he was saying. Real journalists were crowding around him like groupies at a rock concert ... and since he's no Jim Morrison ... I saw no need to join the flock. Good hair only takes you so far, you know.

Last, but not least, I give you Piglets On Parade ... on display at the north end of Grandstand Avenue across from ... you guessed it ... the Grandstand. Their nursery is a nice place to take the little ones. And, before you ask ... no, the irony of putting these guys in the same post as that Henry VIII lookin' pork chop up there is not lost on me. They're adorable ... but none of them are Wilbur ... and I'm no Fern ...

Poke chop sandwich
Waitin' in the sack
Ridin' a tom tom
A double fat back
Got my poke chop sandwich
Layin' on da drum
Poke chop greazy
I'm gonna get some

ZZ Top - Poke Chop Sandwich

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  1. I used to tan really well, but I have to be careful now. I had 2nd degree sunburn and sunstroke a couple years ago and now I can't handle the heat. But, back when...I would have been right next to your aunt. I tan in a day. But, you always want what you don't have. I always wanted red hair and freckles!

    The lucky charms comment made me spit diet coke on my screen ROFL!

    That pork chop on a stick looks GOOD! Dang I am hungry! I'd give it a go, and take the rest home to eat in the middle of the night! YUM!

    Aww, piglets, so adorable, and yummy! LOL