Friday, September 29, 2006

And The World Keeps Turning ...

Boy ... I miss my Dad today. It took sixteen months for me to be able to talk about it like this. For the longest time, it just hurt too bad to think about him ... so whenever he crossed my mind, I'd just push it all out of my head.

But I was feeling really good this afternoon. I did my workout at Curves, ran to Lincoln Library, checked the air pressure in my tires ... I felt like I accomplished a lot. So when I got home, I took a few minutes to relax. I was watching VH1 and ... I don't know what ... but something made me think about him.

I got to thinking about how it used to feel when he'd hug me ... thinking about all those times when I was little, riding around in his truck with him ... going fishing. It doesn't feel like he's really gone. In fact, when I call Mom, I still expect him to answer the phone.

I can't lie. It still hurts to remember him. But if it's easier now, maybe it'll keep getting easier. And who knows, someday I might write more about him here. Like everybody else in the world, he had his faults. But in the end, he was a pretty great guy.

I watch my family, we hold on
We are strong and we'll be alright
The clock continues counting down,
All the while

Rick Springfield - My Father's Chair

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  1. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Hi ThirtyWHAT. . .

    I was just looking at my recent blog arrivals with my hit counting service and saw a few from your blog.

    I usually check those out to see if someone is writing about one of my blogs. In this case I suspect it was just someone who hit the "next blog" button on the top of your page since I don't see any links to AMNAP here.

    You have a very cool and creative blog.

    My younger brother died ten years ago and recently I have started talking to him. I don't hear a voice or anything like that but I do feel a deep connection, love and peacefulness when I do it. So if you haven't done this with your father, it might be worth trying.

    Take care,