Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We've Checked Around There Really Aren't ...

Stressful days ... damn, I guess we all have 'em. Mine started early. I went out to the car and found the front left tire was way low. So, I set out to fix the problem.

The first gas station I went to had removed their compressor and replaced it with a large sign that read, "No More Air!" Seems a little hostile, don't you think? But no problem. Onward and upward.

The second gas station I went to had air ... but the nozzle was broke and wouldn't connect. I was getting annoyed at this point. One glance at my watch told me I wasn't going to make it to work on time today. Fine. Let's go.

The third station I went to had air ... but you had to plug fifty cents in the machine to use it. Jumpin' Jesus on a rubber tipped crutch! Alright, I am not destitute. But in this cashless world of debit cards and automatic bill pays, I don't carry around a lot of loose cash ... let alone change.

So I ended up going inside and buying a bottle of juice just so that I'd have change to put air in the tire. At this point, my hands are filthy ... and I realized I was also low on gas. I pulled over ... to the only pump on the property whose unleaded handle was broken. What the hell?

All in all, I was thirty minutes late getting to work because of this crap. Today's just been a bummer all the way around. However, since Curves suggests that we do something active on our "off days" ... I have something in mind.

I'm going home ... I'm getting in my pj's ... and I am relaxing on the couch. See, our Tivo is holding the premiers for Hero, Studio 60, and Jerico. I'm looking at it like this ... I'm going to spend the entire evening cleaning off my Tivo's hard drive. And cleaning, coincidentally is one of the activities Curves suggests you do on your day off. Funny how these things seem to work themselves out, huh?

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs
Fuckin' up the scenery, breakin' my mind
Do this, don't do that
Can't you read the sign

Tesla - Signs

Note: Yeah ... I'm aware that The Five Man Electrical Band originally recorded Signs. I'm also aware that Arthur Thomas wrote it. But I've had a bad day and I like the Tesla version ... so everyone can bite my shiny, metal ass.

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