Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Katie's Big Opening ...

Well, it was a whole lot of sizzle ... and a teeny tiny steak. Tonight was Katie Couric's first appearance on CBS's nightly news ... if you don't count last Thursday's Bob Schieffer love-fest. Here are just a few random thoughts on tonight's premier:

Katie has either had a face lift or
her makeup artist is going for
a distinctly Vulcan appearance.

On a similar note, Katie ...
step away from the charcoal eyeliner.
You're not Robert Smith ...
and you're miles from goth.

CBS has added a new segment entitled
"Free Speech." Who knew the public was
clamoring for a nightly Andy Rooney segment.
(my ex-husband) put it succinctly ...
"It blew whale."

There's a reason Tom and Katie didn't
show their baby. God love her ...
Suri is proof that beautiful people
don't necessarily make beautiful babies.

(my ex-husband) hates
Steve Hartman ... I don't know why.
Just thought I'd share.

And finally, since she asked,
I have a fantastic "closer" for Katie ...
"I'm Katie Couric, BITCH!"

You're welcome, Katie. No need for compensation. This one's on me ...

I am smitten
I'm the real thing (I'm the real thing)
Have you seen her come around?
My crush with eyeliner

REM - Crush With Eyeliner