Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's Fire ... Doesn't Anybody See the Irony In That?

A word of warning. I am just as Catholic as the next guy ... well, not really. I mean, the next guy might be a priest or something, right? In any case ... I loved John Paul and I was sorry to see him go. But ... if I get the above picture in my inbox just one more time, I'm going to start distributing this picture:

To begin with, I don't believe the first photo is authentic ... I believe it's been Photoshopped. But even if it hasn't been doctored, I certainly don't believe it's John Paul waving from beyond the grave.

To be quite frank, my faith would be shaken if it was him. I mean, this isn't a fluffy cloud or dancing waterfall, people ... it's fire. Do you want to believe John Paul is hanging out in a warm, flammable place? I don't ... I want to believe that he did enough good during his days here on Earth that his means of contacting us won't be through burning hot fire.

But if it makes you feel better to believe it's John Paul ... go for it. Whatever makes you happy. Personally, I believe the photo means that the devil is a really big college football fan ... go Redbirds!

People listen attentively
I mean about future calamity
I used to think the idea was obsolete
Until I heard the old man stamping his feet

Squirrel Nut Zippers - Hell

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  1. College One6:01 PM

    Nooo.... No go redbirds... if you go redbirds, that means they'll keep on winning and I'll have to come back here Thanksgiving weekend to go play at the playoffs....

    ~College One

    (p.s... you MUST watch last weeks, or find a clip of, the Soup and his segment on this fire piece. Muchas laughs.)