Monday, September 14, 2009

Mad Men Malaise

I've been disappointed with Mad Men these last few episodes ... only because it hasn't been furthering the story. There have been a lot of "clues" left that have gone no where. When Gene was sent in to sit alone with the children, I had a bad feeling. When Gene was having Sally sit in his room and read to him, I had a very bad feeling. When Gene was having Sally drive him and thus creating a "bond of a secret" between them, red lights and sirens were screaming. What happened? Nothing. He died.

And on THAT front ... when the police man came to the door to inform them of Gene's death, I was SURE that it was a trick ... a test to see if Betty would know what to do with that folder. She'd pitched such a fit that she refused to talk about his death wishes ... I was just SURE he was playing a cruel prank on her to show her she SHOULD'VE been listening.

But no ... clue after clue ... moment after moment. Nothing. What about Peggy's announcement to Pete last year about their child? Will we NEVER hear another word spoke between the two of them about the bonnet-wearing elephant in the room? What about Pete and Trudy's deeply flawed marriage?

I enjoyed seeing Peggy get high. I enjoyed seeing Don mortified at Roger's black face performance. But those are basically vignettes ... in a series that is supposed to be about arcs and drama. Maybe I'm just being impatient?

So it's time to stop being so impatient
It's time to stop being so impatient
Your philosophy
Is totally lost on me
With a promise I don't mean to have you waiting

We are Scientists - Impatience

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