Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It Wasn't So Bad ...

Well, the apocalypse came last Wednesday. Wait, you didn't feel it? You didn't feel the earthquakes or see the landslides? You didn't hear the trumpets sound? Yeah, that's because those things didn't happen. Oh no, you didn't miss it. The apocalypse occurred right on schedule ... only it arrived with a whimper instead of a bang.

Last Wednesday, ThirtyWhat became FortyWhat. My flaming youth packed it's bags and wished me a fond farewell as it exited the building. Oh, it was fun while it lasted. But all good things must come to an end ... and so I enter ... middle age. Which is odd, because I don't feel middle aged at all.

Or ... maybe I do.

These days, I enjoy crawling onto our enormous pillow top bed and going to sleep early ... while twenty years ago my motto was "I'll sleep when I'm dead."

These days, I enjoy spending a quiet evening at home, curled up with a good book ... while twenty years ago, an enjoyable evening would be a White Zombie concert where I would spend said evening permanently damaging my hearing.

These days, I enjoy a glass of ice tea ... while twenty years ago, I had my own fully-stocked wet bar that would make any alcoholic or professional bartender green with envy.

So yes ... I guess in a lot of ways I do act my age. But I like who I am and I like where I'm at.   And really, that's all that matters ...

Look at this face
I know the years are showing
Look at this life
I still don't know where it's going
I don't know much
But I know I love you
That may be all I need to know

Linda Ronstadt - Don't Know Much