Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So Won't You Smile For the Camera ...

I thought I'd try doing something a little creative ... hopefully to get my mind off everything for a minute or two. The Daily Meme is featuring Sepia Scenes, a blog highlighting photos either taken originally in sepia tone or adjusted in a photo-editing software.

These two photos were part of a large group I took back in August, 2001. The color shots were used in some of our promotional materials but I adjusted them in PaintShop to participate in today's meme.

Main Gate, Illinois State Fair - 2001

Main Street, Illinois State Fair - 2001

If you have a minute, click over and check out Sepia Scenes ... what they have posted puts anything I've taken to shame.

Oh, won't you please, please
Take another picture
Please, please freeze my features
Oh, won't you please, please
Take another
I don't wanna fade away

Quarterflash - Take Another Picture


  1. Great shots. Feels a bit old fashion - I like it!

  2. I like the old-timey look of these! Well done!

  3. Really beautiful pictures! :)