Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Get a Little Bit Closer ...

Wow ... one day out of the gate and the universe is really trying to screw with me. I will not give into the drama ...

Finding the fun ...

I got to crochet a little on a blanket I'm working on ... that's relaxing ...

Um ... yeah, okay that's all I've got. The bagel and cream cheese I had for dinner last night was pretty tasty ... I got to go to sleep around ten ... but I didn't surf ... I didn't read ... so it was kind of a wash. Oh well, every day isn't going to be cupcakes and pony rides. But I've had a bit of good recently.

We went to the Old Capital Blues and BBQ Fest this weekend. I'm not a huge blues fan but (my ex-husband) absolutely loves the stuff ... conversely, I love ribs ... so this was a win win all the way around.

Oh, and we got a new car last week ... a little black Toyota Corolla. When I go to work each morning, I love driving him. He's so clean and shiny. I gotta work on keeping him that way so he doesn't end up like our Mazda Tribute ... which has hundreds of empty straw wrappers in its door compartment ... which is totally my fault ... sorry ...

Anyhow ... everyday is a winding road, as Sheryl would say. Goods and bads ... right now I'm eating some Chicago mix popcorn ... that's pretty good.

Jump in, let's go
Lay back, enjoy the show
Everybody gets high, everybody gets low
These are the days when anything goes
Everyday is a winding road
I get a little bit closer
Everyday is a faded sign
I get a little bit closer to feeling fine

Sheryl Crow - Everyday Is A Winding Road