Saturday, October 01, 2011

Kevin Smith Vs. Prince ...

I'll admit I'm coming to this late ... somewhere around a decade late. But have ya'll heard the story about Kevin Smith vs. Prince? I have no idea how I missed this meme ... but it's hilarious ...

The short version is that Kevin wanted to use The Most Beautiful Girl In the World for a scene in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back ... and, while Prince flat our refused the request, he struck up an odd, short-lived friendship of sorts with Kevin and asked if Kevin would film a documentary for him. What follows is funny as hell ... in a off-color, Kevin Smith sort of way.

I'm a huge Prince fan ... and an even bigger Kevin Smith fan ... so this is a home run. Rather than embed the videos myself, I'm gonna send you to another site that has each of the four parts embedded in a post. You can find it here.

Listen to it, if for no other reason than to hear the story of Prince making a call asking for someone to bring him a camel at 3 a.m. in Minnesota in January. Apparently Prince has been living in Prince World for quite some time now ...

All 7 and we'll watch them fall
They stand in the way of love
And we will smoke them all
With an intellect and a savoir faire
No one else in the whole universe
Will ever compare
I am urs now and u are mine
And 2gether we'll love through
All space and time, so don't cry
One day all 7 will die

Prince - 7