Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tis the Season to be Merry ...

This weekend I opened my first Christmas present of the year ... well, more than one, actually. Several. But in any case ...

Up until recently, I have been a step removed from the whole holiday season.  My goal was just to make it a good holiday for everyone else.  I ordered gifts ... decorated a little ... tried to put on a good face.  But certain things were just too much ... Christmas music, for example.  Grocery shopping became nearly impossible ... because every time I stepped through the doors, Feliz Navidad would be turned up to eleven ... and I would find myself walking down the aisles wincing at each fa la la ... and twitching occasionally like Tweak.  My plan was to just push through the holiday ... and hope for better things next year.

But this weekend I got a couple presents from a new friend ... she gave me a book of recipes that included the delicious "Too Much Chocolate" cake she made for my birthday ... and a Thor ornament.  What more could anyone ask for ... chocolate cake and Thor ... this woman knows what I like.

The gifts themselves were wonderful ... but it was the giving of them that surprised me ... and made me realize how different things are now from a year ago.  I have a social life.  I have friends again.  I go out for dinners.  I go to parties.  I play trivia.  Hey, I even had some pizza and watched a movie ... very casual.

It's hard to talk about how things were a year ago ... hell, it's hard to think about how things were a year ago.   But maybe this Christmas won't turn out so bad after all ...

Christmas, isn't Christmas
Without a Swiss Colony Beef Log
Without those cheeses and meats
I don't think I can get along 

Mother tries to comfort me
She says, "Here son ... have some eggnog"

I fucking hate eggnog seriously

South Park - Swiss Colony Beef Log