Thursday, January 17, 2013

... And The Pussycats ...

So everyone and their great-aunt Fanny knows about the whole porn name thing, right?  You take the name of your childhood pet ... add the name of the street you grew up on ... and BAM!  Porn name! Sweet, eh?  Pretty sure this only works for women ... not too many men in the porn industry named Fluffy or Mr. Jinxey ... although, I'm not gonna lie ... I would totally watch that ...

But today, Fox News ... of all places ... went off on a tangent about the whole porn name issue.  The anchors were setting up a story about an alleged scandal regarding former EPA Director Lisa Jackson using the alias of "Richard Windsor" in private emails.  Richard Windsor is ... you guessed it ... the name of her childhood pet and the street she grew up.

Personally I think the whole conversation is HIGH-larious ... especially given Fox News' propensity for draping themselves in the whole family values thing.

By the way ... mine?  Josie Lowell.  How fucking AWESOME is that?  I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

Josie's on a vacation far away
Come around and talk it over
So many things that I want to say
You know I like my girls a little bit older
I just wanna use your love tonight
I don't wanna lose your love tonight

The Outfield - Your Love