Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's Not Alright ... But It's Okay ...

In the past, when a situation wasn't pleasant, my favorite philosophy used to be ... just think of it like boot camp or an ass kicking ... it sucks like hell but it has to stop sometime.  I mean, it can't last forever, right?   But then you grow up a little ... and you realize that, while it might not last forever, an ass kicking can feel like a mighty long time ...

I have a long way to go before I'm the person I was all those years ago.  Even though I'm feeling brave and confident right this moment ... it won't last forever.  Later I'll doubt myself ... later I'll probably question everything I say ... everything I do.  It's not alright ... but it's okay.

Somewhere ... down deep ... there's the ThirtyWhat who used to tell people to fuck off just for looking at her the wrong way.  I don't necessarily want to be the person I was at 24 ... but I wouldn't mind having a little of that confidence back.  But tomorrow's another day, right?  Maybe I'll see her tomorrow ...

You're the only hell your mama ever raised
She tried to tell you
But you got to do things your own way
Should know, know better and
That you must be going through some phase
You're the only hell your mama ever raised
Mama ever raised
Mama ever raised

Warrant - You're the Only Hell Your Momma Ever Raised