Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm Just a Creature of Habit ...

Today's topic ... since I'm not at the top of my game ... will be Movies That You Can't Stop Watching ...
Do you ever find yourself flipping through the channels ... and you stop on a movie.  A movie you've seen before ... maybe a couple times .. maybe several times ... maybe dozens of times.   And yet ... you can't stop watching.
I find myself sitting here, balancing my account, watching That Thing You Do ... for the umpteenth million time.  I know every shot ... every transition ... every song, although that's easy considering they play the title song over and over and over.   Why?  I have no idea ... it's soothing background noise.  I'm listening and paying attention ... and not ... all at the same time.  Wanna hear a secret?  I love the kiss at the end.  To the world at large, I'm a guarded cynic ... but when no one is looking, I'm a sucker for that sort of thing.
Then last night I was reading a book ... and the movie Mallrats came on.  Again, another movie I've seen a dozen times.  More than that, I own the DVD.  But in the case of Mallrats, I put the book down and actually paid attention and watched it.  Kevin Smith movies just do that to me.  Chasing Amy?  Everything stops when Chasing Amy is on.  You know the hockey game scene?  It hurts to watch so much ... and yet I can't look away.  I suspect I'm not wired right.

But there are lots and lots of movies ... sometimes even bad movies ... that I can't flip past ... even if they don't get my full attention.  Paul, the movie with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost ... Rent, the musical ... Arthur, with Russell Brand ... Friends with Benefits ... Fast Times at Ridgemont High ... Dogma ... the Help ... Coraline ... and don't even get me started on Shaun of the Dead.

I have a lot to do today ... laundry ... housework ... a myriad of things I should be doing before I meet Mom for lunch later.  But Love and Other Drugs is on ... and, for just a little while, the laundry will have to wait.
And I could find another dream,
one that keeps me warm and clean
but I ain't dreamin' anymore, I'm waking up.
So I'll take two of what you're having
And I'll take everything you got
To kill this goddamn lonely, goddamn lonely love
Drive By Truckers - Goddamn Lonely Love