Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A Happy Find ...

Wow ... just ... wow!

You know, blogs are a weird thing.  They're like public diaries ... and that's a pretty amazing thing if you think about it.  I was just bragging yesterday about how I didn't have a problem talking to people ... and after thinking about it this afternoon ... maybe I do after all.   I've been reading someone's blog and it's amazing how honest it is.   It's ... just ... awesome!   It's motivational and honest and funny ...

And it's made me think.  Even though I'm posting here and letting people in ... I'm really not.   I'm not nearly brave enough to share as much as he did.   I share stupid little stories and anecdotes ... but all in all ... it's pretty shallow.

I brag about how easy it is to talk to people ... and it is ... because I don't let them in.  If you don't care if someone likes you ... then you don't care what they think.   I can walk into a room and charm the socks off my trainees because ... if they don't like me?  So what? 

It's a rather odd catch-22 if you think about it ... they like me because I'm easy going ... and I'm easy going because I don't care if they like me.  But ... it changes when I do care what someone thinks ... that's when it gets hard.  Which is what makes it so special when someone who is shy is able to be so honest.  I'm envious ... in a completely good way.

In any case, I don't have anything to say today ... because I'm busy reading.   So ... go on.  Go look at puppy videos or something!  In fact ... here's one to get you started ...

Everything you do is irresistible
Everything you do is simply kissable
Why can't I be you?
The Cure - Why Can't I Be You