Friday, February 22, 2013

Blerg .. Happy Friday ...

If you could go anywhere ... where would you go?  If you could be anything .. what would you be?   If you could have anything for dinner ... what would you have?

Well ... it ain't gonna be tacos because it's Friday night and it's Lent ... and Lent means fish.

I was on the phone with Mom in the drive-thru when I had this conversation:

"I need to go ... I'm getting ready to grab dinner."
"Really?  What are you getting?" 
"Taco Gringo ..." 
"You can't eat Taco Gringo ... it's Friday!!!"  

She said this in the same tone of voice other people would use when saying, "You can't rob that bank!" or "You can't murder that child!"   Ugh ... yes ... I forgot ... it's Friday. 
I should've remembered ... after all, today marks one whole week without Cherry Coke.   But in any case ... I got out of line, stopped and picked up a fish sandwich ... and came home.  Blerg.  You know, I just told my cousin a few days ago ... I'm very low maintenance.  It doesn't take a whole lot to make me happy.  I didn't expect my night to be anything special ... but I did kinda expect a taco salad.

Sigh ... it's just one of those days.
Every Day She Takes A
Morning Bath To Wet Her Hair,
Wraps A Towel 'round Her
As She's Heading For The Bedroom Chair,
It's Just Another Day.
Slipping Into Stockings,
Stepping Into Shoes,
Dipping In The Pocket Of Her Raincoat.
It's Just Another Day.

Paul McCartney - It's Just Another Day