Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Let's Just Call It a Day ...

I had trouble keeping my eyes open today.   It came in waves.   I'd be doing alright for awhile ... then it took everything I had not to put my head down on my desk and doze off.   I was able to pull off an entire day at work ... but by the time I got home, it was just too much.  I laid across the end of the bed ... thinking I'd just shut my eyes for a minute ... but when I opened them again, it was bitch black in my room ... and the clock said it was almost seven.

I blame this nap/coma on the unexpected shower I took in the middle of the night.   I like to keep a bottle of water on my headboard for when I get thirsty ... well, last night about two a.m., I reached up to grab it ... and accidentally knocked the whole thing over onto my head. 

I'd like to tell you that I stripped the bed and cleaned everything up ... but common ... it was two o'clock in the morning!   I wiped everything down once with a towel, then moved my heating blanket to the "dry side" of the bed and resolved to take care of it this morning.

Everything is in the dryer ... so I will have clean, fluffy sheets tonight ... but between the nap and the laundry, my whole evening has been thrown off.   I think I'll take a hot shower and see if I can't get back on track ...

Clock strikes ten it's a Saturday night
Got money in my pocket and it feels all right
Not goin' home gonna stay out late
Gotta hear some rockin' music it feels just great
Cheap Trick - Clock Strikes Ten