Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Second Song ...

So ... wow ... um ...

I've been trying to write this for like two hours it and it all comes out sounding like I'm having another stroke.  Just gibberish and half words and nonsense.

But those flowers up there?   They're from someone amazing!   I'll write more about it all later ... I'm a little tongue tied right now ... but I'm happy and so very surprised ... and did I already say happy?  Happy!

Hmmm ... I do have a small present to give him later ... but what could I give him that would make him smile ... the way these roses have made me smile all afternoon?

How bout this ...

For the longest time, he talked about this band I should try.   I just never got around to it ... until finally one night, I asked him to make me a list of songs.   That evening, I got out my laptop, pulled up YouTube, and started going down the list ... and to my surprise ... I loved them!

Now ... here's the thing.   I don't like to seem sentimental or soft ... I have a hard time letting anyone in.   People have a bad habit of hurting you if you let them, you know?   So that first night I listened to them, I downloaded two songs off iTunes ... but I would only tell him the name of one of them.  Why?  Because both songs were basically love songs ... and I didn't want to seem all ... I don't know ... sentimental. 

But what the hell ... it's Valentine's Day, right?   No teasing ... but I guess if I'm going to admit to being sentimental ... it might as well be today.   No, it wasn't Deeper In ...

Happy Valentine's Day ... and this was the second song ...

If you woke up
On the wrong side of the bed, count on me
If you're feeling that freight train
Running through your head, count on me.
If you just need a friend to talk to
or maybe not talk at all.

I will bring you buckets of mercy
and put a smile back on your pretty face
I'll bring a shovel if you want it
Carry your secrets to my grave

Drive By Truckers - Mercy Buckets