Monday, February 11, 2013

Strange Days Indeed

Today I stayed home ... for not one ... but two reasons.

First, I'm still fighting Captain Trips ... and I'm not gonna lie, it's starting to get me down.  This is day five and while I'm better ... I have no energy and I've slept all day ... and I could literally lay my head down this instant and fall asleep again.   So ... I did have a legitimate, valid, truthful reason for missing work.

But ... 
More importantly ... I skipped out on a going away luncheon.  At least two months ago, I swore I was not going to sit at a table full of my friends and co-workers and lie about how sorry I am that this person is leaving ... or watch others lie about how sorry they are that he's leaving.  His last day isn't until Friday ... unfortunately ... so I have a few more days to deal with his nonsense ... but it's okay ...

Because it's almost over ... on both counts ...
Finally one day my momma just snaps
and she's standing up there on her desk,
so that she could have the height advantage on him,
and she's yelling at the top of her lungs, she says
Every week you fuck up your logs,
when you know I'm gonna catch you,
and you know I'm gonna bitch you out. What gives?
And Chester he looked my momma
straight square in the eye and he said
"Jan, it's cuz I'm in love with you,
and I knew that the only way I could talk to you
was to fuck up my logs so you'd
call me in here and bitch me out"
Drive By Truckers - 18 Wheels of Love
Note:  This song has absolutely nothing to do with anything.   I'm sick in bed and this is what I'm listening to ... and, therefore, you should listen to it too.  Sing it with me ... Mama ran off with a trucker ... Mama ran off with a trucker ... Mama ran off with a trucker ... Peterbilt ... Peterbilt.