Saturday, March 16, 2013

... and Steak and Bacon and Ham and Cheeseburgers ...

Fish.  Fucking fish.  I am so ... sick ... of ... fucking ... fish.   I don't know why this Lent is different from any other Lent ... but it feels like it's gone on for months.   Shrimp and clams and fish fish FISH.
Last night, a group of us went to dinner ... and between the cheeseburger on my left and the bacon on my right, I decided there was no doubt ... Jesus hated me.   Which seems a little unfair of the big guy considering I haven't let a single drop of Cherry Coke touch my tongue in weeks.

I guess it's because last year I stayed home most of the time.  I occasionally went to trivia or dinner or a movie now and then ... but I kept to myself most of the time.  Now I have a social life ... and abstaining from a nice, juicy steak on Friday is more of a challenge.  I suppose that's supposed to be the point of Lent ... but that doesn't make it any easier.
I say I only go to church to make Mom happy and spend time with her ... and unfortunately it's true.  I don't get anything out of it ... and if anything were to happen to her, I don't think I'd bother.  So the obvious question is ... why bother with Lent then?  Drink all the Cherry Coke you want ... eat all the meat you can stand ... as long as you don't tell her, right?  Well ... yes, but then that would require me to lie ... and I don't want to lie.  Especially over something as trivial as ground beef ... and cheese ... and bacon ... oh God, the bacon ...

Only two more weeks ...
Sacre bleu, what is this?
How on earth could I miss
Such a sweet little succulent crab
Quel Domage, what a loss
Here we go, in the sauce
Now some flour I think just a dab
Now I stuff you with bread
It won't hurt, 'cause you're dead!
And you're certainly lucky you are
'Cause it's gonna get hot in that big silver pot!
Tout-aloo mon poisson
Au revoir
The Little Mermaid - Le Poisson

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