Friday, March 15, 2013

Soy un perdedor ...

I watch too much television.  I know I do.  When you have a half dozen shows you want to watch but don't have time for ... then yes ... you're watching too much TV.

I have a dozen different series that I record ... some that I love ... like Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Community, Bob's Burgers, and Being Human ... some that I tolerate ... like Glee, The Office, and Mike and Molly  ... and a few that I hate-watch ... like Girls and Two and a Half Men.

Think I have a problem yet?  Keep reading ...

Because then there are the special series ... the ones that I wait for all year ... like Mad Men and Game of Thrones and True Blood and Newsroom.   Although you wouldn't think so, I do have a social life ... so I DVR just about everything.   But not these.  I will cancel plans and change my schedule in order to watch Game of Thrones and True Blood live ...

Along with those shows up there that I watch ... I have another half dozen that I've started but stopped because I got too busy ... like Dr. Who, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad, and Eastbound and Down.   I loved all those shows ... especially Dr. Who ... but there are only so many hours in the day.

Think I have a problem yet?  Wait ... it gets worse ...

I actually get emotionally invested in these shows ... in characters and situations that aren't even real.   For instance, last night Big Bang Theory featured a scene showing Howard dealing with a letter from his father that was so touching and sentimental it almost brought tears to my eyes.  

And let's talk about The Office ... are they actually going to break up Jim and Pam?  Watching it puts me in a bad mood these days because I think they're going to break up Jim and Pam.  I loved their wedding.  When everything went wrong?  And she tore her veil?  And they ran to Niagara Falls and got secretly married before the wedding?   And then everyone dancing down the aisle at the wedding?  I cried.  I really did.  The series should've ended with that episode.   Ugh.  Jim and Pam aren't real.   Why do I care about a couple that doesn't even exist?!

So there really isn't a question ... yes ... I have a problem.    The only thing I take comfort in is that I've always been this way.   I used to have X-Files parties on Friday nights ... I used to watch Friends religiously.   Apparently I've always been a loser.   I guess there are worse things ...

We've got nothing better to do
Than watch TV and have a couple of brews
Don't talk about anything else, we don't want to know
We're dedicated to our favorite shows
That's incredible, Hill Street Blues, Dallas, Fridays

Black Flag - TV Party

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