Monday, March 11, 2013

Fluff and Nonsense ...

I've got nothing ...

Last night was rough ... I was up off and on most of the night.   I ended up calling in sick to work this morning ... there just wasn't another choice.   I have a couple different prescriptions I can take depending on how bad things get ... and the muscle relaxer really works ... but it makes me stoned and ... while that isn't necessarily a bad thing in and of itself ... it does make working next to impossible.

Since I dozed all day and worked on cleaning my DVR off, I don't have a lot to work with ... so, here are some random thoughts:
Girls - I hate-watched the first season of Girls.   I kept thinking something big was going to happen but it never did.   But mid-way into the second season, I'm starting to love it.  Learning that Hanna had OCD actually added a lot to her character ... and my only complaint was that they didn't reveal it during the first season.  It would've explained a lot of her quirks and flaws ... might've made people hate her less.

Bob's Burgers - Damn, I love this show.  I am going to buy a pair of Louise's bunny ears and I am going to wear them everywhere.
Being Human - The first couple seasons of this show was great.  At this point though, I think we're stretching ... Josh is cured of being a werewolf ... oh but wait he's scratched so he's a werewolf again.  Sally was a ghost ... but she was reanimated ... but now she's a zombie?  Ugh ... enough ... just enough ...

I haven't accomplished anything today ... I have a half dozen things that need to be done, and I haven't done a single one.   My back does feel better ... let's hope tomorrow I'll wake up and feel like going to work ... and maybe have a coherent thought to write here.  But for now?  I'm going back to sleep ...
I can't keep my mind away from my dreams,
I hear them calling, calling, calling
Soon I'm gonna slip away
Soon I'm gonna slip away
Soon I'm gonna slip away
In the night I'm gonna slip away
I wont fight it, I'll just ride it

Cat Sevens - I'm So Sleepy