Sunday, March 24, 2013

Go Home, Spring ... You're Drunk ...

I went to bed last night with the mistaken idea that the imminent snowstorm was going to happen over night.   So when I woke up and saw the light dusting of snow on the ground, I laughed ... thinking we'd dodged the bullet.  Yeah ... no.  Last night was just a preview ... today was the big show.

Snow is great in December ... it provides that happy, holly-jolly Christmas feeling.  It's a beautiful backdrop to New Year's Eve.   And snow ... whether falling or on the ground ... is the basis of a lot of great kisses.  But common ... it's hard to appreciate a foot of snow that falls on Palm Sunday. 

So I spent today watching the snow fall ... relaxing and getting ready for another week of work.  I'm too tired and spent to write a thoughtful or entertaining post ... but some days it's nice just to have a peaceful day.  So, I'm gonna hibernate ... and we'll see what tomorrow brings ...

I'm goin' back in time
And it's a sweet dream
It was a quiet night
And I would be all right
If I could go on sleepin'

Eagles - Best of My Love

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