Thursday, March 07, 2013

New Is a Relative Term ...

Today is the day that I'm going to bitch.  I just am.  Something is bugging me, goddamn it and I'm going to get it off my considerable chest ...

Gossip.  Who doesn't love to gossip?  I know I do.  If someone comes up to me at work and says, "Omigosh, did you hear what happened to Jane?" ... my natural response is, "Of COURSE I want to hear what happened to Jane!  Who DOESN'T want to hear what happened to Jane?"  Jane ... that's who.  Jane would probably rather everyone just shut the fuck up.

I'm a Catholic.  So in the course of my life I've heard dozens of sermons reminding us that gossiping is sinful.  But to be honest, about the time I got old enough to realize a) what birth control was and b) that the church forbid it ... I kinda stopped tuning in during the weekly "here's what you shouldn't do" lessons.   I was about thirteen ... had one of those, "HAH, yeah ... right ..." moments ... and just kind of never came back.  So I'm admitting that I might've missed the finer points of why I'll be going to hell for gossiping ... but I do get the general gist of the idea.

Here's the thing ...

Everyone has a "that's personal" line that they don't like to cross.   Some people are private ... and "What's your favorite color?" would be on the wrong side of the "that's personal" line.   Other people live at the opposite side of that spectrum.  I worked with one woman who brought pictures of her honeymoon to the office ... including photos of their trip to a nude beach ... featuring them.   I have no idea what would cross her "that's personal" line ... frankly, I don't want to even imagine a scenario where that would happen.

I'm a very open person ... obviously, you know ... cause I have this blog here.  I don't mind sharing ... to a point.  And I don't mind being the subject of gossip ... to a point.   Getting flowers delivered at my office ... that's not too personal.  (Note:  Of course it's not ... it's awesome.)  Conversely, the idea of peeing in a cup in front of someone in the back of a van ... yeah, we're WAY past the that's too personal line and firmly in the "I'll hold it until my kidneys rupture, but thanks" territory.

But there are days when I have to shake my head and say REALLY?  Yesterday, Mom commented on a post I made on Facebook and mentioned something about my "new friend" ... and holy crap.  I got five separate texts from people wanting to know who my new friend was.   One text was from my friend in California ... who wrote me frantically wondering who this new friend was and why hadn't I told her???  Because I did tell you ... we talked about this like a month ago ... sigh.

I can't lie ... the impromptu circus annoyed me a little.  When I was talking to Mom yesterday, I accidentally mentioned the flowers I got earlier this week.  Her response?  "You didn't tell me you got flowers!  Why didn't you put a picture on Facebook??"   Because they were special and personal and I didn't want to share that with anyone.  

I do understand someone wanting privacy.   Oddly enough I'm understanding it more every day ...

Don’t call what your wearing an outfit.
Don’t ever say your car is broke.
Don’t worry about losing your accent.
A Southern Man tells better jokes.
Have fun but stay clear of the needle.
Call home on your sister’s birthday.
Don’t tell them you’re bigger than Jesus.
Don’t give it away.

Drive by Truckers - Outfit