Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Right There Under My Doctor Who Print ...

You know how sometimes you say something ... it just comes out of your mouth ... and then as soon as you say it, you wish like hell you could take it back?  No??  Just me?

Today we had civil rights training ... which was basically two hours of us sitting there desperately trying to stay awake while watching a presentation by video teleconference.  The bad news is that our regional director was present ... so we had to 1) attend and 2) behave.  But the good news is that he's pretty cool and kept our microphone muted for the entire presentation ... so we didn't have to be entirely quiet.

Which is why this happened ...

During the sexual harassment portion of the program, the presenter held up a large poster that read, "SEXUAL HARASSMENT IS AGAINST THE LAW" and he said, "Let's see a show of hands ... how many people have seen this poster?" 

Our regional director was the only one in the room who raised his hand.  Apparently other states had the a similar reaction ... because the presenter got upset.  "Why aren't I seeing hands?!  I'd better be seeing hands!  This is SUPPOSED to be displayed in every office!  I have one hanging in my office ... you have one hanging in your office, don't you?!"

And before I could stop myself, I'd blurted out ... "No ... I keep mine next to my bed ..."

At that point my co-workers lost it ... everyone was laughing.  I quickly said, "I didn't mean that ... not the way it came out ... I should NOT have said that ... I'm sorry ..." and the regional director turned around, looked at me and smiled, and said ... "I did not hear that, okay?"   I smiled back and said, "OhhhKAY!"

Thank God I'd already had my mid-year review.  Sigh ... I try to be good ... I really do ...    

Look at me I'm Sandra Dee
Lousy with virginity
Won't go to bed till I'm legally wed
I can't!  I'm Sandra Dee

Grease - Sandra Dee

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