Friday, April 26, 2013

Return of the Meme ...

When everyone came over to celebrate the girls' birthday last month, MiniMoose said she missed me participating in daily memes like the "Friday Fiver."   She wondered why I didn't do it anymore ... and I didn't really have an answer.  I guess I just fell out of it?   It's been awhile ... but let's give it a whirl ...

The Friday 5

1. How much frosting do you like on a slice of cake (or on a cupcake)?  Come now ... let's not play games.  I'm not a slim girl ... how much frosting do I like?  I don't know ... how much frosting is available?  A corner piece with all the little edging?  Yes, please.  A center piece with one of those big ass frosting roses?  Oh hells, yes!   What's that?  You want to take a knife and scrape the icing off the rest of the cake and heap it up on my piece, thereby recreating Devil's Tower like in Close Encounters?  Let me check with my pancreas.  Yup ... I'm in!

2. What’s something else (besides cake or cupcakes) that’s excellent with frosting?   You cheeky monkey!  What else do I like frosting on?  Well ... let's see there's ... wait.  You meant food items?  Oh ... of course you did!  So did I!  Um ... yeah.   So ... other than cake, I love frosting on graham crackers.  My Mom used to make that as a snack for me when I was little.  I rarely have it these days ... once in a blue moon.   But when I do, it makes me feel just like a little kid again ... a chunky little kid whose parents don't have enough sense to not feed their daughter frosting and graham crackers.

3. How close are you (or how many years removed) from your hair turning grey?  Okay, so I already blogged about this, but here's the condensed story.  One Friday, I was getting ready for work, and noticed something.  A hair that looked suspiciously ... light.  So when I went to family dinner that night with Mom, I said, "Hey, check this out ... is this a grey hair?"  She sifted through my hair a minute and said, "Well ... look at that ..." and then unceremoniously ripped it out of my head with a triumphant, "There ... gone!"  I was so depressed about that one hair ... I went home and cried.  I know.  It's vain and illogical and stupid ... but I did.  I already have a thing about my age because I'm dating someone younger than me ... my cousin doesn't make it any easier by alternating between calling me Mrs. Robinson and Stacy's Mom ... and I did not need to see that hair!  So how close am I?  Too damned close ...

4. With whom would you say you have a frosty relationship?  Well ... that's an odd question.  I mean, there are people that I don't want anything to do with, of course. But as far as people who are currently in my life, I get along with just about everyone now.  I used to have a rather frosty relationship with my ex-sister-in-law.  I chalk it up to her singing a certain song within moments of meeting me.  But these days ... I can't think of anyone I don't get along with.  Hmmm ... other than that skinny bitch that works down in the basement ... ugh, I hate her.  I want to shove an Oreo Blizzard her throat.

5. What item in your freezer is most likely to be consumed next?  I cleaned out my freezer several months ago ... so I don't have that much in there.  There's a frozen pizza ... some chicken breasts ... some homemade breakfast sausage.  I guess I'd say it's a toss up between the two packets of frozen strawberry margarita ... and the box of White Castles.  What the hell ... let's be honest.  When I get around to consuming those two items, it'll probably be at the same time ...

So that's it!  Thank you to MiniMoose for reminding me about The Daily Meme ... now I've got even more crazy crap to write about!

But there's no sense crying over every mistake
You just keep on trying 'till you run out of cake
And the science gets done and you make a neat gun
For the people who are still alive

Jonathan Coulton - Still Alive


  1. Oh my goodness. I laughed aloud at every answer. Thanks for participating. And I'm begging you to do it again soon.


  2. Thanks, Scrivener! LOVE your questions! I didn't realize I'd answered last week's questions until I'd already written everything out ... sorry about that! haha :)