Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm Lucky In So Many Ways ...

I probably won't write much tonight ... seeing as how it's already 11:30 and far past my usual work night bedtime.  But ... two things ...

First ... why don't I talk to my boyfriend more?  It's not that I hide things from him ... no no, nothing like that at all.  But I tend not to talk about the whole work situation with him ... or with anyone else now that I think of it.   My best friend and the girls ... they all have a vague idea of what's going on but I haven't gone into details with them.   I don't know ... I guess I don't want to be a Debbie Downer?  When Stoney and I spend time together, I feel bad wasting that valuable time talking about depressing things like my office closing. 

But tonight we went out to dinner and he asked what was going on with the job thing.  I told him the brand new information we got today ... which was that I'll be getting my relocation letter on Friday.  And you know what? Talking with him helped so much.  He brought up a couple good questions I hadn't thought of ... we talked through the severance issue and insurance.  It was so nice hearing an objective voice ... because I've talked this thing to death with my Mom and my co-workers.

I don't have a magic key to the whole problem ... there won't be a deus ex machina come down from the clouds, save my job, and solve this conundrum.   But just talking about it took a lot of weight off my shoulders ... so ... thanks, hon.

Second ... tonight was date night.  I actually get two date nights this week what with tonight and the concert Friday night.  I'm telling ya ... I'm getting spoiled over here!  But tonight was dinner and a movie ... dinner was delicious and the movie was Star Trek - Into Darkness!   It was great ... lots of homages to the original.   I won't post any spoilers ... this isn't a review after all ... but I think I liked this better than the first.  

I felt bad because Stoney's leg was hurting ... and you could tell he wasn't feeling well.   It was a packed house and it was difficult to just get up and walk around ... so he was stuck with the pain until the movie was over.   Next time we need to sit where he can stretch his leg ... that way we can both be happy.  After all, if I get to curl up and lay my head against him, he should get to be comfortable too.

So ... all in all it was a good night.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I have a neat little graphic project I'm working on.  I wanted to do something for awhile now but I couldn't come up with a creative idea.  So the graphic work is mine ... and the concept is Stoney's.  Our first collaboration!  We'll see what the finish project looks like tomorrow ... and maybe I'll even share.  In the meantime ... sweet dreams, all ...

I threw a wish in the well
Don't ask me, I'll never tell
I looked to you as it fell
And now you're in my way
I'd trade my soul for a wish

Pennies and dimes for a kiss

I wasn't looking for this

But now you're in my way

Carley Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

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