Friday, June 07, 2013

Friday Five: In Retrospect

Happy Friday, everybody!  I stayed home from work today.  The plan was to schedule some service appointments today ... but the plan and reality weren't quite simpatico.

The roofer never called me back.  The piano tuner came ... but has to come back next Thursday.  Comcast scheduled me for the wrong day.  I found out around noon that they won't be here until tomorrow.  Well ... we all know patience isn't my strong suit ... so I went outside about 4:30 and hooked up the living room cable myself.  Now tomorrow morning, Comcast can just drop of the HD converter tomorrow and be on their way. 

It's been frustrating day ... not an awesome way to start a weekend.  But I'm staying positive ... making a garlic chicken alfredo pizza and watching Netflix.  After all ... the worst vacation day ... is still a vacation day.
The Friday 5

1. What seemed like a good fashion choice once upon a time but now seems kind of dumb? - Oh this one is so easy it's ridiculous ... leg warmers.  What the hell were we thinking?  As a nation, were our calves so cold that we needed to put cover them with glittering yarn?  Seriously ... there are a thousand fun, memorable things about the 80's ... leg warmers are not one of them.

2. If you knew then what you know now, what might you not have put in your mouth? - Wow ... now ... common.  Really?  Last week's suggestive food question and now this?   Okay ... let's find a family friendly answer for this one.  There's the Mr. Pibb that gave me back pain for two days.  There's the chicken I ordered a couple weekends ago that was way too spicy to eat.  I don't know ... let's go with guacamole ... since the first (and only) time I put it it in my mouth, I literally gagged.

3. Now that he or she has been a great friend for a while, your initial uncertainty about whom seems silly? -  I met one of my best friends through her brother.  I was running around with him ... and so I would see "T" in passing when we went spent time at his house.  She was a snobby bitch ... unfriendly and cold.  I wish I could remember the moment that changed everything ... when she opened up to me.  Once we got to know each other, she became one of my best friends. We spent so much time together.  We were inseparable until her husband joined the Navy and she moved out of state.  I miss her ... and I'm glad I got past the wall to see the real her.

4. Somebody should have warned you never to go where? - Hmmmm ... the bathroom at the White Zombie concert?  I have a poorly developed sense of self preservation ... and I occasionally find myself somewhere where I have no business being.  The bathroom at the White Zombie concert ... the riot at the Guns n Roses concert ... in retrospect a lot of these stories involve the word concert.

5. Who now seems to have been right whenever you were wrong? - My best friend, Wheels.  She has an innate ability to tell me when I'm headed down the wrong path.  I wish I had a dollar for every time she told me she didn't approve of someone.  I guess that's why it feels so weird that she finally approves of someone I'm dating.  Weird ... and nice!

Mama told me not to come
Mama told me not to come
She said, that ain't the way to have fun, son
That ain't the way to have fun, son

Three Dog Night - Mama Told Me Not To Come

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