Wednesday, July 10, 2013

La la la ... Whatever ...

So ... a few months ago, Stoney went to his first family night.  And despite my near panic attack over the situation, everything turned out fine.   He thinks dinner with everyone is a hoot.  Although, to be fair, he hasn't gone to that many yet.  The novelty will wear off.   But tonight ... tonight was a whole new barrel of dysfunction.  Tonight ... he met my brother.  

Note:  In a perfect world, I'd nickname my brother "asshat" and be done with it.  But ... since he is family ... and since he lurves the Crimson Tide ... from now on he will be known as "Bama." 

Today's panic level was almost non-existent.  Sure, I was nervous ... as I obviously wanted them to like each other.   But, as with everything else involving my sibling, there was a healthy dose of "who fucking cares" in the mix.

I mean ... back then I really hoped Stoney would like my Mom.  I also really hoped he liked my Aunt ... especially considering they work in the same building ... on the same floor.   If he liked the rest of the family, that would be great too ... a bonus.   Back then, I was afraid to consider how nice it would be for once to have a partner who doesn't mind being around my family.   But ... Bama?  Sure ... whatever.

He and I used to be really close ... but we've grown apart over the years.  I was wishing tonight would go well ... and I did have hope.  Considering my ex never had a conversation with my brother, the bar was set extremely low.

All and all ... it was okay.  Bama delights in saying things that make me uncomfortable or piss me off.   At one point we veered off into "let's talk about what's wrong with ThirtyWhat" territory.  Sigh ... the irony of the situation was that my Mom said I needed to "get it out more" when things bother me instead of keeping it inside.  Well, "keeping it inside" was the only thing holding me back from telling Bama, "I wasn't ten yet ... because you got kicked out of the house when I was seven or eight for doing drugs and stealing, remember?"  Whatever ...

Bama likes Stoney.  He said he seems like a great guy.  In fact ... his parting words to me tonight were, "Tell him I'll pray for him."  I glanced up at the patio, confused, and said, "Why would you do that?"  and he said, "He's dating you, isn't he?"  Sigh ...

La la la
La la la
It doesn't matter
La la la
Oh well
La la la

Hot Chelle Rae - Tonight

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